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If you think you're the next BIG thing.....

simply, send us your details.  flick us a bit of a message about why you think you could be Northlands Next Top Apprentice... we'll do the rest.


An apprenticeship doesn't need to be ALL about work... our team WORK hard - that's a guarantee! 

BUT we also believe work should be fun.

If you're someone that loves to put in the hours, and the dedication, but wants to enjoy themselves while they do it ...look no further!


We're good...and I mean REALLY good at what we do.

Our Cabinetmakers has over 25+ years combined work experience.

Think manufacturing entire shopfittings for 5+ Restaurants, Boat Joinery in Dubai and high end Cabinety in multi-million dollar residential residencies.

Our projects don't leave the factory anything less than perfect... say 'NO LEMONS!'


You'll received hands on training with our skilled team....

From reading plans, to manufacturing and installation, you'll be working on some amazing projects... and get to learn on the way.

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